eCoast: engineering meets Coast.

About eCoast

eCoast was started by Brad Rimmelzwaan in 2017 after working on many infrastructure projects along the east seaboard from Sydney to Papua New Guinea.

This includes:

We bring experience from working with several reputable engineering consultancies and delivering highway projects for the Queensland State Government with broad industry resources.

Recoverable Materials, Concrete, Steel, Bitumen Binders, Rock, Timber, Polymers and Aluminium are the building materials of the world. We specialise in the design, strengthening and protection of these material and offer solutions to clients in the residential, commercial, civil, industrial and mining markets.

The leadership team at eCoast has over 20 years of project management, design consulting, diagnostic and remediation experience in the infrastructure sector.

Drawing on our deep industry experience and leveraging strong partnerships across the region we offer end-to-end support from diagnosis & engineered designs through to delivery, maintenance and decommissioning.

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Where we are today

Refining the Loop to consolidate and deliver better value services to the community, with strong teamwork and streamlined infrastructure delivery.